28 January 2009



Melissa said...

Alice, just had to let you know that I've been enjoying your photos for a while. You're quite talented. Is this a vocation or avocation? Linked from Demure Thoughts.

Denver, and Colorado in general, is about my favorite place ever. You're so lucky to live there and to appreciate the beauty to be found all around. We had hoped to make a move to the foothills a few years back, but the company romancing my husband couldn't swing the salary. I was looking at houses in the Evergreen area. My prerequisites included a view of the mountains, proximity to Golden, where my husband's office would have been and did I mention mountains. My blood pressure drops and my mood elevates whenever I can see mountains. I'm stuck here in Houston, so I don't get my fix near enough.

Keep up with the great photography. Momotrips/Melissa

Alice H said...

I've had no formal training as a photographer and almost never get paid for my work - the exception is the occasional client who I happen to take a picture for. I started taking pictures of Denver because I wasn't sure if my mind was playing tricks on me - nothing was where I remembered it, murals and buildings and art installations changed from what I recalled. Then I had to do something with all the pictures!