29 February 2008

The Trapper

Allen True, 1920. Restored in 2006.

To see this painting, go to the Civic Center Park amphitheatre. Stand back from the stage in the curve of the building, facing the Voorhies Memorial, and turn to your right.

To give you an idea of the scale, there's a beer can, along with some other garbage, at the bottom of the painting. I didn't notice it there when I took the picture. Such is outdoor art.

25 February 2008

Morrison Holiday Bar

By the time you see this picture, the sign is likely not flashing. The town of Morrison banned flashing signs, and Morrison Holiday Bar lost its appeal to keep its sign. More information, and a much better picture of the sign, can be found at the YourHub story.

And yes, I know Morrison isn't in Denver, but part of living in Denver is enjoying the surrounding state. You'll be seeing quite a few pictures from areas that aren't in Denver proper.

24 February 2008

19 February 2008

15 February 2008

Liberty Bell

Denver's replica of the Liberty Bell.

7th Avenue Cafe

Wall art on the side of the former 7th Avenue Cafe, which was bought out a few months ago and is now Sparrow Market Cafe. Last time I drove by there, the words were painted over. I hope they keep the wall art.

14 February 2008