12 January 2009

I have no idea what you're saying, so here's a horse on a chair.


Rodney said...

Hi Alice. Glad to see your pics up at AoS HQ. I too live in Denver and I was wondering whether there will be any more pro-Israel protests. I was trying to find out if there'd be any and was disappointed to find out I missed it! If there are to be any future rallies, please post about it before-hand. I plan to start keeping an eye on this blog. Thanks again!

Alice H said...

Rodney - your best bet is to follow Joshua Sharf's blog, and AATColorado. Joshua Sharf is VERY good about notifying people about upcoming events. Me, not so much.

Plus, Joshua is a local politician to keep an eye on - in a good way.

Rodney said...

Thanks a bunch!