16 August 2008

Wahoo's Fish Taco


Vmaximus said...

That is a accurate depiction of a Wahoo. Wahoo are awesome to catch.

I like architectural Pictures, and I like your site.

Do you ever do landscapes? When I think Denver I think mountains. Do you ever do landscapes?

I want to, but my home has too many trees, I cannot see the sky - horizon like I wish. But I do have a 16-55 lens that could do landscapes, if I could only see it.


Alice H said...

I had no idea that there were actual fish called Wahoo. I thought they just named it that because fish tacos and wahoos go together.

I have some mountain pics, and I have quite a few I've taken while hiking in the mountains, but those usually aren't landscapey, since you can't see much until you get above treeline. I'll dig through what I have and post some here and there.

Vmaximus said...


Wahoo are often called "striped telephone poles" they are a tropical global fish (called Ono in Hawaiian)
Both are what you say when you catch one. Surprisingly related to the tuna they like like Kingfish and taste great.

Sorry I am a fisherman and travel the globe to fish. (If I have the $)

No do not change your blog, everyone has a different passion. I like your focus, but maybe it is just the "common knowledge" that says Denver = Mountains.

I have been to Denver a few times, but I see it new thru your lens.

Keep it up, and thanks!


Vmaximus said...

oops look like not like like
(too much to drink)

Vmaximus said...

Here is a real wahoo pict