02 July 2008

Death in the Air


Kitt said...


(You know what they say about the wall art at the airport, don't you?)

Enjoying your photos very much.

Alice H said...

I have no idea what they say about the wall art at the airport. Please tell!

tgiokdi said...


Alice H said...

Heh - I took the title for that post from a book that that portion of the mural appears on, because I wasn't having much luck finding the actual title and I hadn't written it down when I was at the airport. Plus it seemed fitting given it was an airport.

It's a damned creepy picture to have at an airport.

Kitt said...

Noman's got it. Even better, DIA is purportedly built atop the headquarters of a shadow government that will lead the New World Order. The murals are just part of it.

Westword has a good article on it.